WFF Upgrade Bundle (special offer)

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The Well-Fed Freelancer Upgrade Bundle comprises the following resources:

  1. How to Price Projects.
  2. Frictionless Selling.
  3. The WFF Templates & Instructional videos

The full price for these together is £400 but I'm giving you a massive break with the coupon code you should have from the email I sent you (if you already own How to Price Projects and Frictionless Selling, or The Well-Fed Freelancer Implementation Pack your coupon is giving you a full credit against them so you're not paying twice for anything you already bought).

And to reiterate my promise: if you'll do the work and then practice the drills I share with you in the courses I guarantee your life and business will both be immeasurably improved within the next 30 days.

  • Well-Fed Freelancer Implementation Pack. .The Pack comprises four PDF workbooks and companion instructional videos to guide you through building the rock-solid foundations you need for your freelance business.
  • Frictionless Selling. How to sell your services without stress, anxiety, or resistance. No one likes the hard-sell, including me. So in Frictionless Selling I show you how to do it the easy way. If you're one of the many people who dislike selling and the bad reputation it has, then by the time you finish Frictionless Selling you'll love it.
  • How to Price Projects. You know what it's like when a client asks you to quote for a complex project, right? You're torn between the knowledge it's a lot of work and commands a high fee and your fear, anxiety, and insecurity at asking for a substantial fee you know the client is gonna push back against. Relax. Because in How to Price Projects I show you the quick and easy way to price those projects at 3x to 10x what you'd normally charge in a way the client cannot argue with.