Which of these 3 mistakes are you making in your freelance business?

From: The Evil Bald Genius

To: Frustrated freelancers everywhere

Re: Your *business*

Most freelancers are making one or more of the following three deadly mistakes in their businesses:

  1. You have no system in place for attracting the right kind of prospects and tend to take what comes.
  2. You fail to sell your services at the rates you know you’re worth and often give discounts or negotiate prices.
  3. You have no reliable or robust process for predictably getting quality leads and converting them to sales.

The good news is if one or more of those does apply to you...

... then your day is about to get a lot better.


Because I'm gonna fix it all for you with just one simple, easy-to-read book, The Well-Fed Freelancer

By the time you're done with it and with the proviso you do the work and practice the skills I share with you, then you'll have created an end to end system to attract the right clients, sell to them at premium rates, fees, and prices, and do so without acting like the hired-help, working for free, and giving gouging discounts which amount to begging for the work.


Then join the waiting list and I'll let you know the minute it's ready.

The Well-Fed Freelancer

2nd Edition

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Estimated publication date: 4th April 2022