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You've taken a very smart step

Whether you've settled for the Well-Fed Freelancer and The Most Unbelievable Gift Ever or have gone a step further invested also in How to Price Projects and Frictionless Selling, your future success as a freelancer is all but guaranteed, with one proviso: you do the work and then practice what you've learned.

That's the hardest part.

It's also the most important part, too.


Because everything I teach you is a learnable skill. As with any skill you won't get good at it until you've first been bad at it and improved. But most people are too afraid to be bad at anything so they'll avoid doing it until they're confident they're going to do it well.

And that can never happen, of course, so they end up doing nothing.

Please don't let yourself be one of them

Now, success with The Well-Fed Freelancer system is predicated on getting the foundations right. If you do that, then the rest is easy. Yes, you still have to work and practice but the results you get will be exponentially better if you do the groundwork properly, first.

Make no mistake, The Well-Fed Freelancer and the The Most Unbelievable Gift Ever contains everything you need and if you follow the steps faithfully you will get exceptional results.

That said, the Well-Fed Freelancer Easy Implementation Pack is the perfect complement to them both and will massively accelerate your progress in plugging everything into your business. 

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About the Well-Fed Freelancer Easy Implementation Pack

The Pack comprises four PDF workbooks and companion instructional videos to guide you through building the rock-solid foundations you need for your freelance business.

The four parts are: 

1. Setting Rules & Boundaries 

The very first thing we need to do is decide what kind of freelance life we want to be living and then design the rules and boundaries we need to put in place to ensure it happens.

This is harder than it sounds and while most people claim they have rules and boundaries, their behaviour gives lie to that. It's vital you understand people will treat you exactly how you allow them to and rules and boundaries you don't promote and enforce are nothing more than suggestions.

In Setting Rules & Boundaries we'll do the essential work required to underpin everything else we'll work on in our time together with The Well-Fed Freelancer.

2. Angels & Demons

Once we know what we want out of our businesses and how we're prepared to be treated by others (as well as how we're going to tolerate ourselves treating them) we need to work out in exquisite detail whom it is we need to serve for this to become a reality for us — our ideal clients, in other words.

And even more important than understanding whom we do wish to serve is understanding whom we don't wish to serve. 

I say this because while a dozen superb clients are great to have and make life easier, they rarely fill every waking hour with joy, happiness, and delight.

On the other hand, a single bad client can turn your entire life to ashes and dust and make every moment a living nightmare from which there seems no escape.

You know it's true.

So in the Angels & Demons exercises we take a long, hard, and detailed look at your Ideal Client and Worst Possible Client avatars.

3. Heaven & Hell

In Heaven & Hell we turn our attention to our prospects' pain, problems, and challenges and what they get from us when we serve them.

The one question every prospective client needs answered is this: why should I come to you instead of going to any of your competitors?

Unfortunately for far too many freelancers, “low price” is not an acceptable answer to that, not if you want a sustainable, scalable, and profitable business. But it’s the default if you don’t give a real reason.

We’ve got four levels at which we can position our products and services:

  1. Price — no explanation needed here. I'm afraid "we will not be beaten on price" isn't much of a recommendation for anyone about anything. You will get the clients you deserve.
  2. Thing — what you do or deliver. For Personal Trainers, say, this would be the exercise routines and diet they hand to their clients. If you're a freelancer your "thing" would be whatever it is you charge your clients for doing. For me it'd be mostly mentoring clients one-on-one, delivering training to masterminds, and occasionally creating marketing systems and writing copy for clients. You get the picture.
  3. Result — the superficial benefit of working with you. For a PT this might be to gain muscle and lose weight. For freelancers it would be whatever their "thing" does for their clients — more traffic, more sales, more confidence, whatever. For me it could be something like make you more money and get better clients.
  4. Outcome — the values-driven high-level "why" of your clients' need or desire to solve their problems. For a PT this might be to wreak existential revenge on an unfaithful husband by sculpting an amazing body to fill him with jealousy and regret. In my business it might be to give my clients their families and relationships back, avoiding divorce, bankruptcy, and a cold, lonely bachelor existence to boot. And for you? That's what this exercise is designed to uncover.

By the time you've finished this exercise you'll have a deep and thorough understanding of exactly what it is you do for your clients, something going way, way beyond simply being great at what you do.

Getting these insights is critical if you want to sell at premium rates and avoid price- and sales-resistance from your clients.

4. The Scripture

The last part of the puzzle before we start putting our stuff out there and attracting the best clients into our world, people we know we're both highly likely to want to work with, who also have pain, problems, and challenges we know we can help them fix is to figure out how to talk to them.

I'd put money on it being the case you've been told in the past your content should be a mixture of "vulnerability" nonsense and "giving value", heavily weighted to the latter.

The idea is your prospective clients will get to know the "real" and "authentic" you while at the same time demonstrating your expertise and so over time take some proportion of them on as clients.

Does this work?

Sure, after a fashion.

But it's inefficient and not the most effective way to attract your ideal clients reliably and predictably.

To do this you need to ensure three things:

  1. Your prospects know you to the extent they're aware of you and what you can do for them.
  2. Your prospects need to like you to the extent they feel comfortable doing business with you, that you share enough of the same values and beliefs to be a fit.
  3. Your prospects need to trust you, both your competence and your integrity. They need to trust you can and will do what you promise you'll do.

And sending out the right messages every single time helps you get all of these nailed, once and for all — especially in showing your competence without giving away the farm and essentially working for free to prove you can do the job.

I guarantee, by the time you've completed this exercise you'll never, ever struggle to write the content you need, but you'll also never have to waste time and energy building superficial online "relationships" with people you barely know and don't care about in the typically vain hope they'll maybe one day buy something from you.

Instead your messages will be focused and on-point, giving you immediate and obvious credibility and appealing unerringly to your ideal clients.

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