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The Evil Bald Genius

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  • How to attract only the BEST prospects and clients to your business.
  • How to avoid wasting time with no-hopers, also-rans, and non-starters.
  • How to get paid on time, every time.
  • A better way to use Social media than "giving value" or seeking "engagement"
  • How to charge 6x to 10x what you're charging now without blinking (or price resistance from your prospects and clients)
  • How to face and deal more effectively with adversity (a MUST as competition for those precious freelance gigs become more intense).
  • Why you should NEVER, EVER be submitting proposals.
  • Why higher fees are better for your clients.
  • The 3 vital traits of leadership.
  • The deadly danger "banana skin statements" and hot to avoid them.
  • A simple 9-step plan to maintain your equanimity under ANY condition.
  • The Magic Message and how it will change your life and business dramatically for the better overnight (fewer than 100 words and you always get the right answer).
  • How to immunise yourself against the B.S. prospects try and guilt you into.
  • Why others opinions of you are only as important as you decide to let them be.
  • How to get paid from day one.
  • How to decide the fee for those tricky-to-price projects (and at multiple of your current rates). I'll teach you this in under 12 minutes, and I guarantee it's worth the entire fee for the whole day all by itself.
  • The THREE (literally) life-changing things I get new clients to do the moment I start working with them.
  • Why your prices are irrelevant.
  • How to promote and sell yourself without fear, guilt, anxiety, or resistance.
  • The ONE skill the EBG learned 35 years ago and changed his life forever.
  • Why asking your fellow freelancers for advice is one of the worst things you can ever do.
  • The Three Essential Questions you must get a "yes to from prospects and existing clients alike - NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • How to get the right answer from a prospect who's vanished off the radar... every single time (this cannot fail).
  • And much, much more...
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