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You've taken a very smart step

But before you complete your membership application, bear with me for a couple of minutes.

The fact you’ve got this far tells me enough about you to know you’re one of the small percentage of freelancers willing to walk their talk and do the fucking work.

You may even have invested in the WFF Accelerator, too, and if you have even more kudos and respect to you.

That said… how willing are you to push this to the max?

I ask because I reserve space in my calendar each month for a small number of Private Consultations — personal strategy sessions we conduct over Zoom. I rarely do more than one a week because they are quite frankly exhausting.

They last around 90 minutes to 2 hours and in our time together I take you through my proven EBG Intensive process. We get extreme clarity for you in five critical aspects of your business:

  1. What you really want from your life and business.
  2. Whom you should be serving — and whom you absolutely should not be serving. Your “Angels & Demons”.
  3. The high-level, values-driven outcome you get for them so they’ll be willing to pay you a premium fee for your service. No more selling on your price, the thing you do, or even the results you can deliver. The outcome, their Heaven & Hell.
  4. How to sell transformationally rather than transactionally, so your prospects see you as their Lucky Rabbit’s Foot and Saviour rather than an annoying and pestiferous pushy salesman.
  5. How to ensure you get paid upfront, on time, and every time. No more being ripped off or ghosted.

As well as the call I’ll record a full video critique of your website and review your whole end-to-end client attraction and sales strategy and process.

In your video critique I deconstruct your website or pages and focus on three separate but equally vital areas:

  1. Strategy.
  2. Presentation.
  3. Content.

Sounds expensive, no?

That depends on how you look at it.

My usual fee for an Intensive is £750. A video critique is the same.

In other words, the two together would set you back £1,500. Seems like a lot of money until you realise you’re almost certain to make it back from the very first new client you get using what I teach you. Even if it’s not that quick you can be sure it won’t take you more than two or three clients to make it a reality.

And then it’s all gravy.

Best thing of all?

I’m not asking you to shell out £1,500 for this.

In fact, I’m not asking you to shell out even half that.

Because on this one occasion only you can get the Intensive and the Video Critique for just £600 plus VAT where applicable.

Why so cheap?

Because it’s going to be easy for me. You haven’t come this far without trusting I do indeed know what I’m talking about.

It means I’m confident you’ll take my advice and run with it instead of whining about how hard and uncomfortable it is and then complaining you don’t get the results you want.

And while it probably sounds twee, the truth is while I like being paid and like being paid a shitload even more, I get more from seeing people succeed.

No, it’s not gonna be for everyone and how soon you get your slot depends on how many people are ahead of you, although you’ll rarely be waiting more than a couple of weeks (some people book in months ahead).

Them’s the choices.

You won’t be offered this again at this price, and while you may have heard I’m a bit of an old softy I’m also a man of my word.

It’s shit or bust, you know?

Anyway, if you want the Intensive and the Critique just click the button and it’ll be added automatically to the basket.

One last thing: there’s no money-back guarantee on this. It’s for big boys and girls only. My advice is as brutally honest and uncompromising as I am.

You don't have to like what I say. You just need to do what I say.

Some people don’t like that.

OK, so, shit or bust, as I said.

Click the button to add the EBG Intensive and the Video Critique to your basket