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  • Your Digital Copy of The Well-Fed Freelancer - Powerful harsh truths, lessons, and insights from a 20+ year freelancer revealing my proven system to get paid big bucks, upfront, and on time, every time. You can easily copy the same system my students and I use to attract the best clients, sell to them at premium fees, and have it all happen reliably and predictably like clockwork.
  • Free Gift #1: Top Dog, Top Dollar (live recordings). How to become the feared and respected leader of the pack and sell your stuff at (VASTLY) higher prices than your competitors’ without losing sales or customers (except those you want to lose, cuz working with them is worse than cleaning your nipples with bleach and a wire brush). 
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  • Free Gift #3: Endorsement Magic. Testimonials prove your worth more than a portfolio ever will, so why aren't you collecting them? Discover how to get a kick-ass testimonial from a client before you even deliver the work.
  • Free Gift #4: Copywriting The EBG Way (live recordings). In these videos recorded live in Cork, The EBG takes you by the hand and walks you through his drop-dead simple paint-by-numbers system for writing winning copy for your business, whether you're a copywriter or not. 
  • Free Gift #5: How to Build an Unshakeable Character. Life is good... until it isn't. And how we deal with adversity doesn't make or define us — it reveals us. And the time to be developing your rock-solid and unshakeable character is NOW in your day to day life and not waiting until adversity comes knocking at your door. And build an unshakeable character is exactly what I show you how to do in How to Build an Unshakeable Character.
  • Free Gift #6: Social Media Kickstart. Free marketing on social media, the chance to pull in clients for free from an audience of (literally) billions. What's not to love? How about the fact when you follow the conventional wisdom you get great engagement and all those feelgood vibes... but what you don't get is the clients you need. That stops right now.
  • Free Gift #7: Freelance Fundamentals 14-Day Challenge. Most freelancers build their biz with poor groundwork, and while it's not their fault - it is their responsibility to fix it. This short challenge will give you unshakeable foundations to build upon in just 5 short days.

  • Free Gift #8: EBG's Well-Fed Freelancer Daily Emails. Want my irreverent, incisive, insightful, and decidedly non-PC emails? They're the perfect complement to The Well-Fed Freelancer and I frequently dig deep into the soft and esoteric underbelly of the main principles I cover in the book.They drop into your inbox every morning, seven days a week (almost) without fail. All hot and sizzling, fresh from the pan. .Oh yeah, and this is not a free email list. The only way to get onto it is if you own a copy of The Well-Fed Freelancer.